the clintons

The Clintons lost the day Bill trusted Obama and helped him win his second election. or was it in the first election when Bill did not tell the world the truth about obama that he wasn`t eligible to hold the office of president. No the Clinton`s thought they had time for Hillary to wear her crown. The Clinton`s got played like a kindergartener on the school yard by a first grader. Now Hillary will play the role John McCain played in 2008, John was the throw away candidate in that election, Mitt had it in 2012 but allowed the media steal it from him or was he just another throw away candidate, you make the call, I am still trying to figure out how Gore lost to Bush but it is politics and rules and laws no longer matter do they?

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Iceland is melting so fast, it’s literally popping off the planet

The rise of volcanic activity is not the only problem for us to worry about, but as parts of the earth stretches out the risk of earth quakes will rise. So between volcano erupting and major earth quakes mother earth will regulate her temperature. With the amount of ash and other material in the air it may cause another small ice age

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Your world under water

Why are you humans with so much talent and ability to work things out, believe this is your future through this made up money grabbing climate change. The climate has always changed over the centuries and the seas have been rising for centuries. Why do you get all worked up and scare people to death with your maybes.

Ask your self what is mankind running out of ? To me we are running out of fresh water and farm able land. So you guys are telling me that if we give the governments of the world our money they can fix this climate change. Unless our corrupt government change through divine intervention we are in trouble because the government can not fix this problem but they will gladly take your money and what ever else they can take from you.

We are surrounded by what we need and we can turn this planet back into a paradise around our whole world for everyone even the liberals who want to control our population if you wish. If interested at all just ask it will astound you at how simple it can be.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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